Kennewick Girls


CURRENT (23-24): Daron Santo | 7th season
RECORD THRU 2023-24: 103-62 (62.4%)
COACH OF THE YEAR: 2020, 2019
PREVIOUS: Ashley Williams, 2015-17 (13-29, 30.9%); Oliver Browning, 2012-15; Tarah Staton, 2008-12; Joe Harshman, 2005-08 (28-42, 40.0%); Scott Parker, 2001-05 (81-25, 76.4%); Debbie Roueche, 1996-2001


CONFERENCE CHAMPION: 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1991, 1990
DISTRICT FINALIST: 2020 (2nd), 2019 (3rd), 2002 (1st), 2001 (1st), 2000 (1st), 1999 (1st), 1991 (1st), 1990 (1st)
STATE QUALIFIER: 2023, 2022, 2020, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000
STATE FINALIST: 2003 (7th), 2001 (6th), 2000 (1st)




Haylee Johnson4632617.81
Dylyn Dress3442613.23
June Fiander203267.81
Hanna Fiander162266.23
Karsyn Ripplinger114264.38
Ashlyn Dress104264.00
Aponi Fiander86253.44
Rylee Bendewald56183.11
Aliyah Thornton68232.96
Addyson Schuldheisz1052.00
Emily Perry12121.00
Keira Suss6110.55
Emma Kinsey370.43

Haylee Johnson18539646.7
Rylee Bendewald235145.1
June Fiander8019640.8
Aliyah Thornton195633.9
Ashlyn Dress4212433.9
Dylyn Dress12637233.9
Emma Kinsey1333.3
Aponi Fiander309631.3
Addyson Schuldheisz51631.3
Hanna Fiander5117629.0
Emily Perry41428.6
Karsyn Ripplinger3111427.2
Keira Suss21020.0

Emma Kinsey1250.0
Rylee Bendewald1333.3
Dylyn Dress7623732.1
Hanna Fiander4214229.6
Ashlyn Dress175829.3
Aponi Fiander134628.3
June Fiander83423.5
Haylee Johnson94520.0
Emily Perry1714.3
Karsyn Ripplinger43511.4

Keira Suss22100.00
Karsyn Ripplinger465682.14
Hanna Fiander182281.82
Dylyn Dress162080.00
Aponi Fiander131776.47
Aliyah Thornton304369.77
June Fiander355464.81
Haylee Johnson8413661.76
Ashlyn Dress3650.00
Rylee Bendewald91947.37
Emily Perry3742.86

Dylyn Dress371381756.7
Haylee Johnson98641626.2
June Fiander53791325.1
Ashlyn Dress31801114.3
Karsyn Ripplinger2159803.1
Hanna Fiander2046662.5
Aliyah Thornton3432662.9
Aponi Fiander2426502.0
Rylee Bendewald1516311.7
Emily Perry2790.8
Addyson Schuldheisz5491.8
Keira Suss3470.6
Emma Kinsey1010.1

Kennewick Girls schedule

DateGameResults Broadcast
Kennewick at Moses Lake NFHS
Prosser at Kennewick NFHS
Kennewick at Hanford HSM
Kennewick at Hermiston Htv; KOHU
Chiawana at Kennewick NFHS; SWX
Kennewick at Southridge NFHS
Kennewick at Kamiakin NFHS
Kennewick at Lewis & Clark -
Issaquah vs. Kennewick NFHS
Kennewick at Walla Walla BDNW; KGDC
Richland at Kennewick NFHS
Kennewick at Pasco -
Hanford at Kennewick NFHS
Hermiston at Kennewick NFHS; KOHU
Southridge at Kennewick NFHS
Kennewick at Chiawana -
Kamiakin at Kennewick NFHS
Kennewick at Central Valley -
Kennewick at Richland ATV
Walla Walla at Kennewick NFHS; KGDC; SWX
Pasco at Kennewick NFHS
University at Kennewick NFHS
Ridgeline at Kennewick NFHS
Kennewick at Mead -
Ridgeline at Kennewick ATV
Kennewick at Snohomish NFHS

Times are provided as a courtesy. It is strongly recommended to verify start time with the host school. For a key of radio station frequencies and links to video broadcasts, click here to visit the media page.

Kennewick Girls Roster

1Hanna FianderPoint Guard115-36.86
2June FianderPoint Guard95-56.95
3Aponi FianderPoint Guard115-33.90
4Rylee BendewaldForward105-103.00
12Emily PerryGuard105-71.20
13Keira SussForward95-80.60
14Aliyah ThorntonForward125-93.26
21Ashlyn DressForward116-03.71
22Emma KinseyGuard105-70.50
23Karsyn RipplingerPoint Guard115-54.43
24Dylyn DressGuard115-1114.10
30Haylee JohnsonGuard125-1017.33
31Addyson SchuldheiszGuard125-82.00