About Parker

Welcome to my website!

I’ve been the Mid-Columbia Conference basketball statistician since 2014 and have been involved with high school basketball since 1995 when I was a stat keeper for the boys and girls basketball programs at Kamiakin.

My love for high school sports has remained with over the years, working at the scorer’s table for basketball games for the past 19 seasons, while also providing sound and music at Kamiakin, Kennewick and Southridge football games for the last nine years.

I also have been one of the event planners for the annual all-star basketball game since 2004.

My desire to publish basketball statistics came out of frustration at the lack of information available for basketball scoring leaders, up-to-date standings and schedules and other statistical data. Rather than complain, I took it on myself to compile the data and share with the public, coaches and media.

Now, my site has become a top “go-to” resource for players, parents, coaches and fans with over 5,200 unique users, 54,700 page views and 29,000 stat file downloads during the 2021-22 season.